About Me

Hi! I'm Curtis and as you can tell I like taking photos...a lot! I'm a born and raised Michigander, but you'll find me traveling the world, whenever I get the chance. If I'm not taking photos or traveling, you can find me in the kitchen trying to prefect the perfect pizza recipe (any tips are appreciated)!

But, enough about me! The main reason you're here is to see if I'd be a good fit to photograph your special moments. First off, I enjoy photographing all types of events. Whether it’s hiding, getting ready to capture a surprise proposal, running around capturing family members interacting with each other or collaborating with a company to help promote their brand. I'm here to capture what's meaningful to you.

My photography style is classic. I capture the spirit of the day, so you can remember those special moments exactly as they happened. This means capturing all of your preferred posed photos, as well as candid photos, you'll cherish forever. My goal with editing is the same. My edits are clean & true to what your eye would see in real life. If your eye sees a blue background & a white shirts, that's what you'll see in your final gallery!

My next priority is to make your special moments last forever by ensuring you have great photos, not only show off on social media, but photos you can plaster around your home! I'm here to help you choose which photos to print and through my website I offer the highest quality printing services.

I love making special moments last a lifetime and making sure I can make that special moment as unique as the people I work with. I’d love to hear your ideas, no matter how big or small they may seem.